Friday, March 28, 2014

A New Home

It's time to say goodbye to 820 South 6th Street. This house has been home for  several years now but we have outgrown it by leaps and bounds.

We started a house search a while back but have finally found the perfect house for a family. It has a big back yard for William and the most perfect garage workshop for Dustin. 

We close on our new house Monday afternoon and can't wait to make memories in our new house! 

All we have are MLS photos but here's the front and the back! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Short Version - Catch Up

It's been almost two years since I've blogged.  I do have an excuse why my blogging fell by the wayside.  I landed a new job as the assistant principal at Southside High School in fall of 2012 and have been working pretty much day and night trying to keep my head above water.  I love my job, and I really mean that. I would be crazy to keep the schedule that I have if I didn't love it! It's been hard trying to find a balance between my new role as an administrator and still being a good wife and mother.  It's been a tough year, but I think I've finally found my groove..maybe..  :) 

Over the past two years, not only have I stopped blogging, but my afternoon jogs (that I would share with William) have been replaced with school sporting events.  I'm really hoping to find a balance with incorporating some exercise and jogging back into my daily routine.  I've really missed it (and so has my waistline)! 

On a brighter note, some really wonderful events took place over the last year.  Here are just a few
*Ethan and Sara welcomed Barrett Tucker to the world on 2-16-13. 
*William had a Shrek-tastic 2nd Birthday
*We vacationed at the beach last summer with the entire Williams's clan!
*William had his first haircut. 
*The Southside Panther football team made it to semifinals, something that has never been done! It was an awesome football season for the Panthers. 
 *We had wonderful holidays with family. 

Here's a few pictures of some big moments: 

It feels good to be back! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Bums - Part 2

The Tucker crew headed down to Orange Beach for the week of  July Fourth.  It was a wonderful trip, where we made so many memories together. We stayed at the Phoenix on the Bay.  This place was awesome! The lazy river, pool, and kid splash pad were definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

 We celebrated not only Independence Day, but two birthdays and some major Tucker family news..... SARA AND ETHAN ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! Yay!

Ethan and Sara just arrived at the condo and asked us all to pose for a picture.
Ethan took this picture and told us all to say, "cheese"! 

Next, Sara took a picture so Ethan could get in and told us all, "I'm pregnant!"
and then snapped a picture of our first reaction to the news.  Check out my face and
Gramsie's face! LOL!
Awesome pregnancy revealing story Sara and Ethan! None of us will ever forget it!  Congrats again!

We celebrated Lauren's birthday and Ethan's birthday during the week.  We had a cake waiting for LaLa when she arrived, but we fell asleep before she made it in on Tuesday night.  Will was ready to see his LaLa the next morning!

Thinking about waking her up.....

Yup, I'm going to wake LaLa up!

Wake up LaLa!  

Happy Birthday  LaLa!  We adore you! 
Now, Sara brought a special cake down for Ethan's birthday.  It was pretty awesome and very festive!

Sparklers and confetti poppers!

I think Ethan was saying, "What is that?!"  LOL!

OH yeah!  That cake rocked!

and the sparks continued to fly...

Happy Birthday Uncle E! We love you!
We celebrated the Independence day with some pool time, but decided that trying to fight the dinner crowd with a hungry William was probably not a good idea.  Grandad quickly volunteered to stay at the condo with Will while we went to dinner.  So, we did just that, BUT we made it home in plenty of time to watch the fireworks with our baby boy =)

Two of my favorite people!

Happy 4th of July baby!

Posing with LaLa before we head out for dinner


And we spent a great deal of time at the POOL!  So much fun....  =)

And if we weren't at the pool, we were just hanging out, enjoying every moment of family!

FYI:  He did this completely on his own.  He cleared
out a cabinet and that was HIS spot for the entire week! 

This cracks me up!  

He loved it!

Love his little smile =) 

My child LOVES spaghetti.  It's by far his favorite food right now.
Grandad, Gramsie, and LaLa took him to eat spaghetti one night,
and he was loving it!

Taking a walk out on the dock

William loves his Gramsie!

He loves her so much that he shares his cheese puffs with

Honk, Honk!

I love the way William is looking at Grandad in this picture!