Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not One, But TWO Teeth

This was the one and only time I could get William to
hold his on teething ring. 
Dustin went and picked William up out of his crib last Thursday morning, Sept 8 while I was getting ready for work.  William was smiling, giggling, and being the little cutie pie as he always is in the morning.  Dustin calls out to me and tells me, "Will has two teeth!"  "Really???", I responded....  Needless to say I had my doubts.  I mean could two teeth seriously appear over night??? 

I finished getting ready and when it was time I gave William his morning bottle before time to leave for daycare and work.  I remembered what Dustin said about the teeth, so I stuck my finger in Will's mouth and rubbed right along his bottom gum-line.  HE HAD TWO TEETH!  I had a small break down.  I cried and held my baby boy and realized my baby boy is growing way to fast. 

Three days later the teeth are now showing, and I have one fussy little baby.  I know his poor gums are probably very sore.  I've been using the Baby Oragel with a finger scrubber to apply it.  He loves it when I rub his gums.  He just smiles at me when I apply it.  He will not take a teething ring right now. Well, he will chew on the teething ring if I hold it for him.  He will not hold it himself though. He prefers to chew on blankets, burp clothes, and his hands. 

Before I know it, all he'll want for Christmas is his two front teeth!

Can you see them?

The hardest pictures I've tried to take of Will!

Roll Tide - Bring On The Tailgating

Anyone that knows our family would probably categorize us as Crimson Tide super fans. We love Alabama football, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, anything Alabama...we want to support it.  During the fall, the majority of our weekends are spent in Tuscaloosa with family tailgating and cheering on the Tide.  Gramsie always tells us that most people vacation during the summer by going on family trips or going to the beach, but the Tuckers vacation during the fall with the Crimson Tide!

September 3 was the kickoff of the 2011 football season. This season we have a new addition to our tailgating group...WILLIAM!  Because this first game was an early lunch game, William and I watched the first half of the game at the house in Tuscaloosa while the others went on to the game.  William and I left the house during the 3rd quarter and headed over to Tim and Tony's place to meet Daddy and the rest of the family for some food and fun after Bama's win. 

William was a little tired, so he napped for a little bit when we first arrived.  He finally woke up and was the star of the tailgate :) 

Last weekend was so special for Dustin and I, and it left me daydreaming into the future frequently.  William is only 4 months old, but this will be a tradition that William will grow up with.  The years will only get sweeter as this tradition grows along with our family. 


Playing with Uncle E gameday morning

Uncle E and Sarabear teaching Will to say "Roll Tide"

Oh yes, Mr. Bogey travels with us.  He's a Bama fan too!

Watching the 4th quarter with Daddy.  He left the game early
because he missed us.  We sure do love him!

LaLa and William!

Everyone was hungry after the game!

Isn't he handsome in his Crimson and White!

Hanging out with Daddy!

A little Gramsie time!

Love this shot of my boys!