Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Little Time by the Fire

My favorite thing about this time of year is being able to sit out by a fire. It's not to cold, and the fire keeps the temperature just right. There's no tv or distractions, and it always proves to be a good time.

William experienced his first fire pit this week. He loved watching Dustin build the fire. He just sat and watched for a lot longer than I expected.

Dustin and William in their camo

He loved the leaves and wanted to put them in his mouth.  Yuk!

Hanging Out

He started getting restless so we pulled out the only thing we could find in the garage for him to "play" with... A cardboard box! Oh yes, he loved it!

I See You

Sara and Ethan play along with Will

He had a blast in the box

Will is trying to "escape" his box!

Silly Boy

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