Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beach Bums - Part 1

We couldn't let MawMaw and PawPaw enjoy the beach all by themselves last week, so we decided to join them.

Loaded up and ready to hit the road!
 It was our first beach trip as family, and it was so much fun! We left Thursday morning after Dustin got off work.  William did pretty good on the ride down.  He's been getting car sick here lately so I was thrilled we made it to Destin without him getting sick all over the car. =) Dustin was not so lucky though. Once we made it to the condo and unloaded everything, we all decided to go eat dinner.  As we were being seated at the restaurant, Will got sick all over Dustin.  Bless him!  So we headed back to the condo to call it a night!

Will and I did our walk/run in the mornings, and it was so pleasant.  That was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Will loves being strolled around, and I enjoy a little me time with my ipod.

 As crazy as it sounds, I didn't really plan for us to spend much time at the beach.  Neither Dustin nor I are big beach people.  I hate the sand.  Like, I seriously detest the sand, but I wanted Will to experience it. I didn't really anticipate William liking and enjoying the sand and salty water quite like he did. He loved the water running over feet and the sand was apparently very tasty because he enjoyed eating it.  We attempted to build sandcastles, but Will was more interested in flirting with every lady on the beach.  It seemed that Dustin and I chased him all over that beach for what seemed like hours, but was only about an hour.  Will started getting tired and rubbing his eyes and you guessed it, sand in the eyes is not a fun combination.  Overall though, the beach was a great time.  Its ridicously crazy how having a child will make you love the things (sand) that you would normally hate!    

The pool is where we spent most of the time.  Will spent most of the time climbing up and down the steps to the pool.  The boy loves to climb some steps.  He's doing really well with the water.  He knows what "splash" is and will "splash" you on command.  He also enjoys blowing bubbles in the water and thinks its quite hilarous.  We are still working on kicking in the water though.  He hasn't got that one down yet.

This trip to the beach was very special because I got to share it with my mom and dad.  We made some memories that I will cherish forever. 

PawPaw people watching in Bay Town

Dustin and Will always make time for ice-cream

Sweet Baby

Silly boy in his pack-n-play

A stroll on the docks after dinner

He has my heart

Little Stinker =)

He loves a picture!

The Tuckers 2012

MawMaw and PawPaw - Thank you so much for letting us visit you.  We enjoyed every minute of it! We Love You!

Sweet Memory!

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