Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nursery update...still a work in progress

I've had several people ask me the status of the nursery .  It's definitely come a long way since the last pictures I've posted, but we still have a little bit more to do.  I have this mental picture in my mind of what I want, so I'm slowing trying to make that picture come to life for William!

I also must say that I really wanted a nursery for William, and then in a couple of years create a toddler room for him and so on.  So yes, it was my goal to make it very "baby". 

Take a look around, and I hope you like what you see! 

The crib is cherry wood that will convert into a toddler bed in later years.  The crib and the changer came as a gift that Gmom and Grandad (aka Mom and Dad Tucker) surprised us with.  Putting the crib together was not that hard, but the changer was a major headache!  Fortunately, Dustin and I did not kill each other during this task.  ;) 

I always remember my mom and dad telling me that I would always be their baby.  I wanted some kind of wall art that touched on this saying.  This particular script is from a children's book that demonstrates the love of a mother for her son through all the stages of life.  I thought it was just perfect!  This is one of my favorite things about the nursery (so far). :)
For me, baby bedding was a major stress point!  I found custom bedding that I liked, but nothing I just fell in love with. I would spend hours searching the internet for ideas.  I finally just got sick of looking. I knew that I wanted to accent the room with elephants, so when I saw this bedding on the Pottery Barn Kids website, I was hook, line, and sinker!
William has friends waiting on his arrival!

 (I had a full picture of the rug, but apparently I hit a wrong button and it has now disappeared. This picture has a portion of the rug in it so it will just have to do for this blog.)

Dustin and I wanted a rug for the middle of the nursery.  This rug was perfect and was exactly the look we were going for.  Thank you Gmom for finding it!

This is the piece of furniture that I had repainted.  I've lined the inside of the drawers and added new knobs to it.  It looks great! 
The large brown picture frame displays a cross-stitch that was Dustin's when he was a baby.  The elephant was a great find from Kirklands.  The small frame says, "Love at first sight" and has a sonogram picture of William in it.

The Tiffany football coin bank is a gift from my best friend Lacey.  It was a Christmas present. I actually plan to add some floating shelves or shadow boxes once I have everything in place to display the coin bank and a few other keepsakes. 
 Here's the changer!  You can see the "womb" bear sitting on top of it.  It was also Dustin's when he was a baby.  When you turn it on, it makes the sounds of "the womb" so that the baby is comfortable and sleeps soundly.  It's so sweet! 

 I love the sign above the door! It matches just perfectly!
I've still got to get the glider in the room.  Hopefully we'll have that in about 2 weeks.  My mom is working on making the curtains for the room.  I've picked out an adorable fabric so I can't wait to see those up!  We also want to get a little flat screen tv for the room and several other things.  Remember I told you I have that mental picture of what I want.  All in good time though, and we have a little time left. 

I'm 7 months preggers today!  28 weeks :) 

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