Monday, August 29, 2011

4 Months Update!

My oh my, where has the time gone!  William Michael Tucker is 4 months old!  At  4 months William weighs 16 pounds and 3 ounces.  WHOA!  We have a big old lump of sugar around this house, and we love it!  His little cheeks are the most precious thing.  He is 25 1/2 inches long too. He's definitely made some growing progress since his last appointment. 

William was such a big boy when he had to get his shots too.  He got one shot in each leg and also received an oral vaccine today too.  Of course he cried, but now we are home, and he's just playing away on his play mat.  The doctor gave us the go ahead to start experimenting with solid foods.  He told us to start with rice cereal, then green vegetables, and then fruits.  This week should be lots of fun incorporating some of those into William's dinner each night.  We are looking forward to his reactions!

William is now rolling over, and most mornings I find him snoozing on his tummy. He really likes his side too.  He's not a fan of sleeping on his back now that he can roll over.  William usually wakes up at least once a night.  I will usually get up and feed him around 1-3, and then he'll sleep until I wake him at 6 to get ready for daycare.

Daycare is still going great!  We know our baby is in loving arms everyday.  The other day we got a parent note from "school" (aka daycare) stating that fall pictures will be September 20!  My baby gets to have a fall picture!  It was so neat to be on the other side of the parent note.  Normally I'm the one sending notes home to parents.  I'm not used to receiving them.  It was a sweet feeling. 

Our family has a big weekend coming up...let me give you a little hint....  ROLL TIDE ROLL!  William will be attending his first tailgate this weekend!  We are all looking so forward to it! 

We will most certainly delight in all the little moments we will share this weekend with our William! 

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