Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daycare Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

About to head to daycare for his first day!

Two weeks ago William started daycare at Twelfth Street Baptist Church.  I had an LTF (Pre AP) workshop the week before school started at Gadsden City High School, so we had to start daycare a little early.  I feel like I have been doing pretty good with the transition.  I've really tried to have a positive attitude about it all.  I've only had a few breakdowns and most of those were that first day of daycare.

Dustin and I both wanted to be with Will dropping him off on his first day.  As we walked into his "classroom" his teacher was in the floor playing with another baby on a playmat.  Classical musical was playing in the background. It put my heart at ease.  Will also has his own crib while he's in this room where he can take naps during the day.  They also have all the bouncy seats, swings, bumpoos, mats, and other toys for William to enjoy during the day.  William's teacher, Mrs. Glinda, is wonderful!!  I feel very comfortable when I have to leave my baby because I know he is in good hands.

Several people have asked me if I worry about William during the day and my honest answer is I do not!  However, as I'm sure that any mother will agree, I wish I could be the one taking care of my baby during the day.  I don't worry about him.  I just miss him ALL DAY LONG! 

This past week Miss Jorja (Will's cousin) joined him at daycare.  She is in Will's class so he is also spending time with family, and I love that!  On Friday after I picked William up and we were home playing, I noticed that William had started making this new high pitched squeal.  I called up my sister right away to inform her that Jorja has taught my son how to squeal!  It's the exact noise that Jorja has been making for a while now.  It totally cracked me up.  William has always coo'd, laughed, cried, gurggled, but now we add the squeal to his noise list! 

Another positive aspect of daycare (remember I'm really trying to stay positive about this) is that Gramsie, Grandad, LaLa, and Grandmother have all been able to spend some extra time with William.  They have been able to pick Will up on most days by around 1 and some days a little earlier! 

All in all, I'm very happy with my choice in daycare for William.  I know that there are downsides to daycare, but for Dustin and I, it's necessary and I actually think it's a positive thing for William.  Now there's just more people to love my baby. 

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