Monday, March 19, 2012

My 10 Month Old

Life is so busy right now...I'm almost a month late with my post.

William is 10 months and he is really amazing me lately. He is walking a little now.  He consistently takes 2-4 steps and then he'll begin to crawl.  We've seen him walk across the den several times, but he doesn't do that all of the time.  He still prefers the crawl, but I'm really proud of his progress so far!

Here's a short video of him taking a few steps.

Yesterday, he would not let me help him drink from his sippy cup.  He did it all by himself. =)

Since the time change Will has been staying up a little later than normal and sleeping later too.  He enjoys his routine, and I do too!

Here are a few pictures of my growing boy:
These pictures again Mom....

Why does she always put a sticker on my shirt? 

Love this face!

Pushing the door closed is a no-no!

Say Cheese!


Watching cartoons....


Silly Brothers Playing Before Bed

Happy 10 Months William!  You are keeping Mommy and Daddy super busy these days!  We love it, and we love you!

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