Monday, February 20, 2012

Over the Past Week...

Wow, what a week we've had around our house.  William has been sick and any mother knows that when her baby is sick,  nothing else matters but getting baby better. 

William started running a low grade temp last Saturday.  He was cutting a new tooth, so I just assumed the temp and crankiness was due to that.  I was wrong.  On Sunday his fever began to rise to around 101 and at night rose to around 102.  I treated the fever with Tylenol, and planned on taking William to the doctor on Monday. 

Waiting to See the Doctor

I finally got in to see the doctor Monday around 11:30 and found out that William just had a virus.  The only thing we could do was treat the symptoms with Tylenol and ibuprofen.  The doctor tried to ease my concern about the fever by telling me that the fever would not hurt William.  I continued to follow the doctor's order, but unfortunately William just continued to get worse. 

On Monday night William's fever spiked to 104.2, and I freaked out.  I just held him and gave him more medicine and tried to remember everything the doctor had told me about a fever not harming him, even though it was really hard to do that.   

After talking with my sister (Jorja was experiencing the same symptoms but her fever had not gotten that high), we figured that since William's fever had spiked that he would probably start getting better now and the virus would start to leave his body.

Again I was wrong....

Valentines Day + Sick = No fun

Kool Strip on his forehead.  We were willing to
try anything. 

Happy Valentine's Day
Hunk-A-Burnin' Love
William ran a fever (between 101-102) all day on Tuesday.  He would not take a bottle, and he wouldn't eat much at all.   I called my doctor's office Wednesday morning to schedule for a recheck because I was seeing no improvement at all in my baby.  It was heartbreaking...

Unfortunately I could not get an appointment to see the doctor without a nurse first approving William's symptoms to see if they were severe enough to schedule an appointment with my doctor for a recheck. ...YES, I KNOW.  I THOUGHT IT WAS ABSURD TOO.   and of course, all the nurses were busy with patients so they would not schedule me an appointment..not even for the following day.

Several teachers that I work with have raved about Pediatrics East.   I called Pediatrics East off of Deer Foot Parkway and was able to pick a time to bring William in the following day to see Dr. Deitlan.  It was a wonderful experience, and we left with some answers.  William developed an ear infection and a pretty severe cough due to the virus.  The doctor called the name of the virus, but I'm not even going to attempt to spell it.  It was something that sounded like bronchitis though, but not bronchitis.  =)  We left the office with an antibiotic for his ear infection and an inhaler for his cough and congestion in his chest.  It was finally time to get my baby back on the mend! 

He is starting to finally act like himself again...smiling, happy, playful.  I'm so happy my William is feeling better and is rid of that nasty fever!

We've played all day today and tomorrow morning we will head back to daycare after being absent for a solid week!  I know William is missing all of his friends and daycare mommas! 

He fell asleep immediately after eating dinner. Precious!

He couldn't hold his head up

Sleepy head after a long day of playing

*I have to give a special "Thanks" to Amber Foster.  She is one of my childhood friends that is now a nurse practitioner in Georgia.  She was a lifesaver this week, especially when I could not get in to see my doctor.  She kept me calm and helped me know exactly what I needed to be doing to try and help William to be as comfortable as possible.  She also is the one who urged me to take William back to the doctor because his fever was too high and lasting too long for there not to be something more going on.  I'm so happy I listened to her!  Thank you Amber!  We Love You! 

*Thank you Gramsie and Maw-Maw for keeping William so I could work a few days this week!  I know you loved every minute of time with your grandbaby.

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