Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Visit To Noccalula Falls

On Wednesday of Spring Break, Dustin and I wanted to take William to do something special.  It was absolutely beautiful weather so we decided to take William for a picnic up at the falls.  I brought along a couple of leftover hamburger buns and hotdog buns so that we could feed the ducks as well.  I was super excited about our adventure as a little family!

When we arrived at the falls we decided to actually enter the park grounds instead of just going over to the campground side.  We put William in the stroller and loaded up our picnic too.  We paid the small admission price and took off on our walk to find the perfect picnic spot!

Dustin and I (and Will) were in for a shock!  Neither of us realized that Noccalula Falls had a small zoo inside the grounds!  We had the best time!

Here are a few pictures from our Spring Break trip to the Falls:

This donkey was just chilling by the trash.  He wasn't tied up.
I never saw him move.  

William's favorite animal!  The Ostrich!

He kept laughing at the ostrich and pointing at it! It was adorable!

I was amazed at how big its foot was!

Another view of the donkey just chilling...

Admiring the donkey from afar =)  

Showing William how to feed the pretty deer =) 

Instead of feeding the deer, he decided to eat the bread for himself!

Get it boy!

This totally cracked us up.


Loving on my baby! Mommy actually made it into a picture!

The look on Will's face just makes this picture.  He adores his daddy!

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