Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Sara and Alex!

This past weekend was really busy, but lots of fun.  Sara and Ethan grilled out for Dustin and I Friday night, and it was fabulous.  We had a spread of food and lots of laughs out by their new fire pit Dustin and Ethan built. 

Saturday was so busy.  Comcast showed up at our house at 8:30 to finally hook up our HD box in our bedroom.  We ran errands after they left, and then we put the baby bed together!  (I will post pictures as soon as I finish decorating the nursery. It's really come a long ways though!)

Saturday night we attended Sara's surprise party =)  It was a success!  Happy Birthday Sara!

Lauren, Conor, and Allison having a good time!

All the fabulous food for Sara's Birthday!

Dustin getting the fire started to surprise Sara!

Monday, my nephew Alex turned 3!  My nephews are growing up way to fast.  Tanner turned 6 in November.  Reid will turn 5 in April. 

My family all went to dinner for Alex's birthday Tuesday night.  It was so fun!  Kiddo's make everything a blast. 

The bathroom remodeling should be finished today. It looks amazing (but needs a deep clean)!  In fact, my entire house is begging for a deep cleaning!  I'm hoping this weekend I have the chance to get my house looking fresh and clean.   

William and I are feeling great today.  Yesterday was not a good day for us. My back hurt; I had a killer headache; I was nauseated; I was exhausted.  You name it. I felt it. I think I went to bed at 8:00 last night.  However, today is much better!  We go for my next appointment on February 7th. 

He was so excited about his cake!
  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 


He loved his Thomas the Train cake!

Say Cheese!

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