Thursday, January 6, 2011


This has been such a busy week.  After being off for two weeks for Christmas vacation, a week back to work has me making some major adjustments.  The first two days back had me thinking, "How am I going to make it to May?".  Between the lesson plans, 504 paperwork, and the crazy iNOW computer gradebook system not cooperating, I found myself exhausted and a bit overwhelmed.  I have to say though, my students are really wonderful (both this semester and last semester).  I have several girls that pat my growing belly daily and want to know every detail of my plans for the nursery and my new baby.  Several teacher buddies check on me constantly to make sure I'm feeling okay and not overdoing anything.  Everyone greets me in the hallway with a smile and the nice greeting of, "You are really starting to show!".  It cracks me up, but I must admit... I do love it :) 

Being back to work is a bitter, sweet reality for me.  I know that this is the last semester where I will only have to worry about getting "myself" to school on time, taking sick days just because I can (even though I know that is frowned upon and rarely do that ) or thinking I'll just do that work at home tonight.  I realize that this may just be the last semster I get to be selfish.  I've had this thought in the back of my mind since Monday morning when I headed to work.  The funny thing is that the our devotions have been about selfishness this week.  Tuesday's nights passage really made me think.  The devotion asked us what was the opposite of love? I immediately said, "hate".  However, as we read through the passage it talked about how selfishness was really the opposite of love.  How can one person claim to love, but yet be only concerned with themselves?   Love, true love, Godly love, doesn't work that way.  So, with that being said, I'm so ready to love on our baby William.  My prayer is that Dustin and I will lead by example and teach William what real love is. SelfLESSness!

 I hope all my fellow teachers have had a wonderful week back at work! 


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