Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Guestroom to Nursery

I've been working really hard over the holiday break to prep the guest room for it's change to the nursery.  I became obsessed with looking at baby bedding online and color schemes and the list goes on and on... 

Yesterday, we finally completed the prepping of the room by clearing it out!  This empty room will soon be filled with Will's furniture, clothes, and toys!  Will's furniture was also delieverd yesterday too.  It's still in boxes, but I'm anxiously awaiting the day when Dustin and I will tackle putting it all together.  I've also finally managed to decide on a wall color and bedding too.  Those were the hardest choices for me. The painter will begin working on the room Monday morning bright and early! Once the painting is done, then I think we'll start putting the furniture together.

There are days when I feel like I may be rushing or "jumping the gun", but I keep thinking that I feel pretty good these days, and I know that these "feeling pretty good" days won't last forever.  I just want to get as much done now while I feel good and can enjoy it.  Besides, I'm a planner and would much rather tackle a project early on than wait and procrastinate on it.

Here's a preview of all the ideas I've put together!  I will post pictures of the changer and the crib as soon as we have it together! 

This is the bedding I've chosen.  It's a simple choccolate
brown gingham pattern. 

Guest room soon to be nursery!  It's all clear!
The curtains will be coming down too. 

I'm going to have this piece painted white, and then will probably
stencil a design on it and change the knobs.

This is not the crib!  This is the wall color I've chosen, it's paired
with the bedding I've chosen.  The color is "heather blue". 

William's closet is already filling up! :)


  1. Girl you are so not jumping the gun! Trust me I waited almost too long having to wait on her bedding and furniture to arrive! Those feeling good days really don't last long! I think once you get it all together it will be precious! Also it gives you something to do to preoccupy your time.
    Love ya!
    Jennifer Wagnon Smith

  2. Do it all of it now...ha ha...speaking as someone that literally had the furniture put together one random weekend - thinking "we have 4 more months to go, this is super early" - and low and behold my water broke less than 2 weeks later!!!!! Get your hubs to get it out of the box now and get what you can get done now...and I LOVE the the brown gingham - we have black gingham with toile. I love your color scheme!!!!

    Somehow I can't sign in so this is anonymous I think....oh, but I'm Barbara Wade. LOL!