Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Memories 2010

Let's just say it was a Tiffany kind of Christmas...

This was our first married Christmas, and it was perfect!  I cooked a Christmas Eve lunch for Dustin and I, and then we exchanged gifts.  Once again, I was totally out gifted.  He always spoils me! I received a new Tiffany "Love" charm and a Tiffany pen and pencil set.  It's gorgeous, and I'm scared to use them!  I will always remember our first Christmas whenever I decide to pull them out and use them.

Hope you can see the "LOVE" charm

Our first married Christmas!

This was Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's house.  Alex was cracking us up!

Christmas morning it snowed!  It was beautiful and added that perfect touch to an already perfect Christmas.  Unfortunately the snowed kept some of our family away, and we missed them!  We hope to get to see them all very soon.

Once again, William racked up some absolute precious gifts.  He now has his first tailgating chair!

Dustin cracked me up playing in the snow with my nephews.  They made snowmen (some inappropriate, but funny), and they really took full advantage of our white Christmas.  

Dustin helping Tanner and Reid build their snowman

My Tanner is getting so big!  He loved playing in the snow!

Chad and Alex built a little snowman in the background.  Those two crack me up!

Later Christmas night, we headed to Anniston for our Christmas get together with friends!  I was so excited to get to see my girlfriends!  It had really been too long.  My best friend Lacey gave William one of the most precious giftsHe received the Tiffany football coin bank!  I can't wait to display this in his nursery. 

Allison, Crystal, me, Lacey

The picture doesn't even do it justice!  It's so adorable!  Thank you Laceydoo!
William is going to love it!

This was a perfect "first married Christmas"!
I had to buy this for Will!

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