Tuesday, March 15, 2011

32 Week Update

Today I had my 32 week doctor appointment.  It went great!  William's heartbeat was 144.  I'm still measuring about 3 weeks ahead (but this doesn't necessarily mean that he will come early).  The doctor said that he was in the 60th percentile!  This just means that he's growing great right now. 

The doctor also asked me if I was feeling sluggish or tired, and I told him that I had really been feeling fatigued lately.  He informed me that I was severely anemic and needed to start taking iron.  Hopefully this will help with this fatigue feeling. 

I also told the doctor about some sharp pains I was having (especially in the mornings) around my lower abdomen on the right side.  I told the doctor it felt like a runner's catch, but down low.  He told me I was having round ligament pains and probably pulled that muscle.  It's really uncomfortable, but there's not much I can do for it. 

Our next appointment is March 28! This will be our 34 week appointment.  Time is just flying by!

I also took a trip to the Babies-R-Us today too!  I love looking around that store.  It took some major self -control to not run wild in the store.  Our travel system that was purchased came with one car seat base, a car seat, and a stroller.  I purchased the second car seat base today.  This base will go in Dustin's truck.  I also purchased a Diaper Champ too!  Hopefully this will keep the dirty diaper smell confined!  Fortunately, some gift cards from the baby shower came in very handy today :) 

I'm loving Spring Break '11!  I hope everyone is having a great week!

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