Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34 Week Update or Should I Say 35?!

What an exciting day I had yesterday!  Miss Jorja Leigh Brewer was born!  She was 19 inches long and weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces.   She is ADORABLE!  Jorja and Mom (Jana) are doing wonderful!  She already has her daddy and paw-paw wrapped around her finger!  Congratulations Jana, Chad and Alex to a perfect addition  to your family!

Yesterday was also my 34 week checkup.  I received all good news!  My blood pressure was great, iron levels were back to normal, and urine was clear.  I questioned the doctor about my exhaustion I am feeling, and she pretty much explained that it will probably only get worse.  I asked the doctor about the swelling in my hands, feet and ankles and she assured me that it was normal.  She suggested I start wearing compression socks and lace up shoes.  YIKES.... that may possibly throw a kink in my wardrobe!  I also questioned the doctor about some sharp pains I am having in the lower, center of my stomach (right above pelvic bone).  These are different from the pains I've been having on my right side.  She informed me that these pains are normal.  She told me that this is the birth canal stretching and moving preparing me to give birth.  Talk about all of this really hitting home after she made that remark!  She also gave me some comfort when she explained that I should soon start feeling "lightning bolts" through my vagina.  WHAT?! 

The most exciting part of yesterday's visit was when Dr. Heaton measured me.  I'm still measuring about a week ahead.  Because of this, she wants to see me back next Monday instead of in two weeks.  Next week from what Dr. Heaton implied, she'll probably do a pelvic exam and treat the appointment as though I'm really 36 weeks!!!  It's like I lost a week in there.  She also mentioned us having another ultrasound at some point to "see how big this turkey is going to be."  She has not moved the due date as of this point, so I'm still due on May 08.  I know that I'm really 34 weeks, but I really feel a comfort that Dr. Heaton is preparing for an early arrival, just in case! 

In just a few weeks, we're going to have a baby!  =)

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