Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breaking Out Of This House

William is 4 weeks old today.  I sent out "William is 1 month old" text messages to family and uploaded pics to facebook, only to realize that he's not actually a month old until Saturday, the 28th.  Whoops! I can already see a "Mommy of the Year" in my future. ;) 

It seems that I have many of these moments lately. The other day my mom came over to see us, and when she walked in the door she immediately said, "What's that smell?  I smell gas. You have a gas leak."  I nonchalantly informed her that I thought I had smelled something earlier, but couldn't pin point anything so I just assumed it was nothing.  (Anyone who knows me, knows that I have ZERO sense of smell.  I've never been able to smell odors.)  My mom frantically went straight to the kitchen to find the gas stove eye on low.  She turned it off and asked how long it had been on.  I lowered my head when I had to tell her that I guess I had forgotten to turn it off when I cooked dinner the NIGHT BEFORE! 

Even though I've had a few "OMG" moments, I really feel that I'm finally getting into a routine with William.  I'm starting to finally get the hang of this mommy thing. ;)  I'm starting to understand his cries a little and have figured out a few things that he really likes that help him when he gets really fussy.  I've learned to do many tasks only using one hand.  William is normally in my other arm, and I like it that way.  As a school teacher, I'm used to scarfing down my lunch because we are limited on time in the lunchroom with our students.  This skill has come in handy now that I'm a Mommy!  I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner quickly so that I can tend to Will. Mylicon, pacifier and a burp cloths can be found in all the rooms of our house now as well.  Some days I'm amazed and amused at how different I am now that William is here. 

William and I are really looking forward to these next couple of weeks.  Since Will is 1 month old, I can now take him with me to run errands!  YAY!  Mommy and William can finally get out of the house! 

Look for us around town this upcoming week! 

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