Wednesday, December 21, 2011

7 Months Old

William Michael Tucker is 7 months old and is no longer bitesize. At Will's 6 month check-up he was 19 lbs, and I can definitely tell he has grown a good bit since then.  I'm pretty sure he is around 20 lbs now. William is good 3 lbs heavier than his older cousin Jorja.  I've stopped carrying him to and from places in his car seat because it's just to heavy to carry now with him in it!  William is now eating 2nd stage foods.  His favorites still remain sweet potatoes and peaches.  At Thanksgiving William tried macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and green beans!  He loved the "real" food.  Will is still taking a 5-6 oz. bottle every 3-4 hours.  He's also gotten much taller.  I've noticed the length of his pants are shorter, as well as his sleepers. 

Will is really on the go now.  At 6 months, he was doing this "army" crawl thing where he would use his arms to drag himself across the floor.  For about 2 weeks now, he's been crawling good though.  Occasionally he'll resort bag to the army crawl because for some reason he can go faster that way.  It almost looks like he's swimming across the floor when he takes off.  It's pretty amusing. 

Not only is William crawling now, but he's pulling up on everything.  Right now his favorite thing to pull up on is the ottoman and tv stand.  He tries occasionally to "free" stand, but always falls down right when he lets go.  I know that he will soon start learning to balance on his own.  Just this week he is starting to ease into a sitting position from standing.  Normally he would pull up to the ottoman, lose his balance, and fall.  Now he can slowly sit down instead of just falling, and then he'll pull himself right back up. 

I think my favorite part (so far) of this little stage would have to be the new expressions and noises Will makes.  It absolutely tickles me to see his expressions when he "learns" something new or finally figures out something.  His eyes light up in amazement when his toys "talk" to him or make noises.  He has a play table that seems to be his favorite toy at the moment.  It makes noises and talks to him whenever he presses a button.  He loves it, and I love to watch him love it. 

Since William has become mobile, he has started getting several "no no's" a day.  I find myself repeating these lines:

"No, No William.  You can not pull on the computer cord."
"No, No William. You can not pull on the end-table with the breakable frames." (Looks like I'll be moving these soon!)
"No, No William. You can not put the shoes in your mouth."
"No, No William. You can not pull Bogey's tail." 

William's response....  a grin, as he continues doing the "no no". 

At 7 months, William is moving right along.  He's growing, interacting, and changing everyday. He is such a good baby.  He's friendly and easy going at this stage.  It's starting to become hard to remember what life was like before he entered our lives.

*(and I'm just getting around to posting this blog one week before he turns 8 months... 

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