Tuesday, December 27, 2011

William's First Christmas

By the end of the day, William had racked up! I think my baby boy
had a wonderful first Christmas!
William woke up about 6:15 on Christmas morning.  As normal, I changed his diaper and fed him his bottle in the nursery.  After getting the basics out of the way, Dustin joined us in the kitchen for a little "Happy Birthday Jesus" time.  Then, it was time to see if Santa had made a stop by our house, and he did!  I videoed the morning and tried to take pics at the same time, but that was pretty hard.  I did capture a few adorable snaps though. 

Maw-Maw stopped by to see what all Santa had brought William and Bogey.  She also snapped a picture of Dustin and I with William. 

William continued to play with his new toys until around 10:00 when he laid down for a nap. It seemed like the morning flew by and the next thing we knew we running a little late for Christmas lunch at Grandmothers house.  We finally arrived and ate a delicious lunch with family. In our rush to get to Grandmothers and the nasty rain outside, I forgot to bring the camera in to snap pictures of everyone.  Nevertheless, it was lovely time, and it made my heart smile seeing William playing with everyone!

Next, we were off to Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw's house!  Christmas with all the kids was SO MUCH FUN! It was hilarious listening to Alex, Reid, and Tanner's reactions to their presents.  Jorja and William were into everything!  It was also so good to laugh with my sisters!  Mom and Dad were enjoying have all their babies under one roof too!

After we finished Christmas with my family, Dustin and I headed to an annual friends Christmas party in Anniston.  Gramsie and Grandad kept William for us while we went to exchange gifts with some of our friends. We were definitely tired when we headed toward Anniston, but we livened up once we were around our buddies!  It was so good to see everyone!

Our next stop was picking William back up and then HOME!  We were all exhausted and ready for bed. 

Wonderful Christmas memories were made! 

Merry Christmas 2011 

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