Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calling All Prayer Warriors

About 30 minutes after I laid William down to sleep last night, I heard the most awful sound come out of the monitor.  I jumped up and ran to Will's room.  Will was laying on his stomach with his legs stretched out trying to raise his head.  It appeared that he couldn't move at all.  He was screaming like I've never heard him before.  When I reached down to pick him up, I realized that  he was totally stiff.  I struggled trying to pick him up and to get him turned around in my arms.  When I finally got him turned around, his back was completely arched, his head was turned to side and he was holding his arm in weird twisted back way.  He was screaming and stiff as a rock.

I yelled for Dustin, and he came running.  He grabbed William from me and was trying to soothe Will, but nothing was working.  When Dustin was holding him, I kept saying, "His arm...His arm...Something is wrong with his arm!"

After several minutes of us both feeling completely helpless, Will finally stopped screaming.  He then became like a zombie.  He was in a blank stare.  Dustin tried to rock him as I was just watching in totally fear of what we had just witnessed.  After a minute or two of rocking Will he started screaming again and moving around really weird, stiffening up, and again holding his arm out to side all weird.

Off to the ER we went.  On the ride to the ER Will was in a daze.  He wouldn't focus on me or act anything like his normal self.

At GRMC they ran a catscan, labs, and made a chest xray.  Everything was clear. PRAISE THE LORD!

We followed up with our doctor today at Pediatrics East.  She spent a great deal of time with us and William. She listened to everything, asked questions, and really encouraged us to think about all the details of the "episode".  

Our doctor explained that most of the symptoms Will experienced are common for certain types of seizures.  However the fact the Will was screaming during the episode is very uncommon.  She said that most children will gurgle or make random noises, but screaming is not normal.  She also thought it was very odd the labs and catscan were all clear.  (It's a great sign that they were clear, but she explained that normally someone that has seizures will have abnormal labs or the catscan will show something on the brain.)  She also explained that because of our genetic history (my father, Will's pawpaw,  has a certain type of seizures) seizures could be something that William will experience.

William is scheduled to have an EEG at Children's Hospital tomorrow at 1:00.  Through this test we will be able to determine if what Will experienced was a seizure or something else.

We are praying that it is "something else".  The doctor explained that Will may have experienced "Nursemaid's Elbow" (subluxation of radial head).  From what we understand this is when a ligament in the arm (elbow or forearm) is out of place.  It's very painful.  However children grow out of this after the age of 4.

The doctor explained that Will may have dislocated it in his sleep when he was moving around or something.  She said the pain would have easily caused him to scream and stiffen up.

Just please pray....

We know that GOD IS IN CONTROL!  


  1. Lori Guffey WalkerApril 20, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    Praying for you all! I can imagine being a parent myself how horrifying this must be for you both. May God be with yall through this and my prayers will go out for him!!!! Lori Guffey Walker

  2. Of course you have our prayers and please keep us posted