Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Dustin

During my twenties birthdays were a very big deal.  It seemed that all my girlfriends and I would throw each other grand parties to celebrate.  If we didn't have a party we all traveled out of town together to celebrate.  I love planning parties, and I really love making those I love feel special.  I knew that this year would be a little different from all the years before because this year I was pregnant and this wasn't just ANY birthday....this was the big 3-0 for Dustin!  I wanted to make it special for him because not only was he beginning a new decade of his life, but he would also become a daddy this year. 

Last Saturday I arranged (with the help of some very special people) a surprise 30th birthday party for Dustin. I invited our immediate families and close buddies of Dustin's.  Dustin has some really awesome friends!  Almost everyone invited showed up to celebrate this special time!

I had to call on some help from Sharon and Lauren Tucker (Dustin's mom and sister) to help pull off the surprise.  We decided that the best way to trick Dustin was to tell him that his mom was going to cook a birthday dinner for him.  Sharon convinced Dustin that she was going to cook all his favorite foods for dinner on Saturday night.  That was plan for getting Dustin over to his parent's house for the surprise. 

We all decided that we should set everything up as though it was a tailgate.  We had the tailgate tent setup, table, lawn chairs, corn hole, and bar all set up.  Sharon and Lauren really had to do all the hard work.  They pretty much set-up everything and cleaned everything up too!  Mike grilled a ton of hotdogs for everyone too! 

There were a few kinks thrown into our plan right about time for us to start heading over for dinner, but fortunately all the kinks were worked out and Dustin remained clueless to his surprise awaiting.  As we pulled up and he saw the crowd of loved ones and friends standing outside to greet him, he was speechless (sorta...but we'll leave those few choice words to your imagination)  :) 

It was a night of fun, and it was  so good to see everyone!  Unfortunately I totally forgot about snapping any pics!  Carrie Suggs came through for me though!  She took several photos that I can share. 

Happy 30th Birthday Dustin! This is going to be an awesome year!


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  1. Leslie and Kevin are my cousins! I didn't realize yall knew them! Small world!! I LOVE your party idea---I may have to rip that off in the future!