Monday, March 21, 2011

I Got Up For That?!

With only 7 weeks until delivery of William (and who knows, it could be less than that), I've found myself very uncomfortable.  I've noticed a huge decrease in my energy level.  I've started taking iron pills to help with this, but I really can't tell any difference in my energy level.  Getting ready in the mornings takes the breath out of me!  It's really embarrassing to say that, but it's very true.  I really hate this feeling of exhaustion, but everyone warned me that it would come back...and it has!  I've really felt SO good during the last part of the 2nd trimester and into this 3rd trimester.  I guess I'm entering into the homestretch, so I'm trying to welcome the exhaustion because I know it's getting close to meeting our baby boy! 

Here are a few other pregnancy symptoms that I've found I possess these days.  I hope you enjoy them and have a giggle.  I know I did as I was thinking about all of them!  

* I find myself exhaling large amounts of air frequently.  I used to make fun of my mom for this and now I'm doing it! 

*  I rest my arms on top of my belly all the time.  They fit very comfortably right there even though it is so not attractive. 

* I sound like a 100 year old women when I try to roll over in the bed at night.  In fact, there's no rolling at all at this point.  I now raise up on all fours whenever it's time for me to change sides in the middle of the night. I HAVE to change sides like every couple of hours because my sides and arms go numb.

*I'm always out of breath.  Just trying to give simple directions to my class each day is a task!

*Quite, danty sneezes no longer exist.  They are loud and come in groups of 3 or 4!

*Getting in or out of a car is normally accompanied by a groan, moan, and blowing of air (see the first symptom for explanation). 

*Bending over to pick up anything is considered a workout for the day!

*It's become normal to use the bathroom at least 3 to 4 times a night...yes, that's right... I get up 3 to 4 times every night because I feel that my bladder is going to explode. However, the majority of the times I'm totally let down because the feeling I have of near bladder explosion does not match the actual outcome of the of the bathroom trip.  Does that make sense?  I always think, "I got up for that?". 

*I have two pairs of shoes I wear right now: a gold pair of flip-flops and a black pair of flip-flops.  That's it!  Flip-flops are all I will put on my feet right now. 

*At any given moment, I can go from a completely clear nasal passage, to a completely stopped up nasal passage.  It's unreal the congestion I've had during this pregnancy. 

*I developed eye allergies.  My eye doctor says it's common during pregnancy. 

*I love cake (and anything sweet)!  Yes, that's right, I LOVE CAKE!  I could eat cake all the time and any kind of cake at that.  I find this humorous because I didn't care for cake a year ago.  In fact, I didn't even want a wedding cake!  I had cheese cake as the Bride's cake for my wedding.  Now, I love cake.  Thank you William for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of delicious cake! 

*I have found that I'm extremely sensitive.  Now, Dustin says that I've always been "overly" sensitive, but I don't necessarily agree with that.  However, there have been times during this pregnancy that I've thought to myself, "Why is this bothering me???" and "I've never ever cared about that before, but I do now".  Apparently pregnancy makes me very sensitive. 

I could honestly go on and on with little things (and big things) that have changed about me throughout this pregnancy.  I'll stop for now with these though!  I know it sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm really not!  Humor is my outet for alot of emotions.  It's my way of dealing with my ever changing body and emotions! I try to laugh at it all because let's face it.... it is pretty funny! 

I want to end by saying that every minute of discomfort is going to be totally worth it! 
This is me at 32 weeks, even though I'm 33 now! 


  1. Awwww, I love reading your blog Julie. Almost makes me want another one. It is totally true when people say cherish every moment because it flies by. Before you know it, you'll be posting pics of William's first birthday. Have a Blessed day!

  2. This post cracks me up! I can totally relate to all of your symptoms, as I had them with Cooper also. You will find each pregnancy you have will accompany a new group of pregnancy symptoms to look forward to! Enjoy these last few weeks with just you and hubby!!