Monday, April 11, 2011

36 Week Update =)

Dustin and I just got home from my 36 week doctor appointment! All went well, except a little issue with my blood pressure. 

My blood pressure was a little high when the nurse first took it.  She asked if I had been swelling any lately, and I told her yes, but the swelling always goes down by the morning.  When Dr. Heaton got into the room, she retook my blood pressure (since I had been sitting for a while), and it was better, but still a tench elevated.  She told me that there was no protein in my urine, but she still wanted to do some labs to be on the safe side.  She urged me to try and take it easy, especially when I came home from work.  She instructed me not to do any heavy housework and to rest!  I explained that Friday would be my last day of work and then my maternity leave would start.  She was very happy to hear that!  She even said she wouldn't mind if I came on out of work before Friday, but I'm not going to do that.  I really need to make it to this Friday! 

William's heartbeat was 144.  I'm also 75% thinned, but no dilation just yet! I'm still measuring about a week ahead.  Dr. Heaton said that next week we'll try to figure out how big William is going to be.  Oh and I'm pretty sure I felt my first contraction today too!  It was intense and made me a little nauseated. 

My next appointment is Monday.  I'll be 37 weeks and full term =) 

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