Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean!

Ahhh....I love the smell of clean house!  Last night, two sweet friends of our family came over and cleaned our house from top to bottom!  They cleaned baseboards and even moved the bed and got all the dust bunnies out from behind it!  It was so nice and something that I have been itching to do, but just couldn't because of the doctor's instructions to rest.

On top of that, Aunt Lauren paid us a visit today too.  She put fresh sheets on our bed, did some laundry for us, and organized an entire kitchen cabinet for Will's bottles, cups, and feeding supplies!

I've never felt so pampered in all my life!  It's awesome!

William and I have definitely been resting this week.  My blood pressure shot up a little earlier today while I was just resting, BUT I laid on my left side for a while, and it's come back down so all is good.  I'm feeling more contractions, but there's nothing in a regular pattern.  All in all, I am feeling pretty good.  I really think coming out of work has helped SO much.  There are times when I still feel tired, but it is nothing like the way I felt when I was trying to work carrying baby Will around with me all day.  I do think about my classes and my teacher pals everyday though! 

I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone.  Have a great day!


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