Monday, April 25, 2011

38 Week Update :)

Another great doctor visit today for William and I!  William is weighing in (according to the ultra-sound which can vary 1-2 pounds) at a nice 8 pounds and 6 ounces!  The utlrasound tech told us that she was pretty sure according to Will's measurement that he would probably not weigh less than that, but a little more!  The non-stress test showed great results.  All in all, everything is great with William,  Praise the Lord! 

My blood pressure was excellent this morning.  Dr. Heaton was very pleased with that and attributed it to my resting.  The only discouraging news we received was that there has been no change in my cervix :(  I just knew that because of this Dr. Heaton would cancel the induction.  However, she didn't! 

According to my doctor (who I absolutely love and trust), an induction at this point is the right thing to do because of the blood pressure issues I've been having.  However inducing with a closed cervix poses several issues. 

The first scenario we could be facing would be for Dustin and I to arrive at the hospital Wednesday night at 8:00.  They would then insert cytotec and hopefully by Thursday morning my cervix will be changed, doctor comes in and breaks my water and boom-ba-da-bing, I'm ready to deliever...this is best case scenario! 

Second scenario, we arrive Wednesday night, meds are given, my cervix does not change by Thursday morning, and she sends me home to wait until the next week to try again. :(

Third scenario, we arrive Wednedsday night, meds are given, my blood pressure goes way up, and I have no choice but to have a csection. 

Fourth scenario, we arrive Wednesday night, meds are given, no change in my cervix, and she allows me the option to elect to have a csection instead of being sent home.  (And yes, she did give us this option today.)

Lot's of information there I know! At this point, I'm really leading toward NOT wanting to have a csection unless I just have to because of my blood pressure.  I'm just going to pray about this for the next couple of days that God will lead me in the right direction on what decision to make (IF we are faced with a decision to make).  Dustin has told me that the decision is really up to me, and Dr. Heaton agreed. 

So, I guess Mr. William Michael Tucker is keeping his arrival a secret...we may or may not meet him Thrusday...guess we just have to wait and see what this little bundle decides he wants to do!  One thing is for sure though, Wednesday night at 8:00 pm, Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Tucker will be checking into St. Vincents and HOPEFULLY Thursday we will have our baby boy in our arms! 


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