Monday, July 18, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To My Family

I noticed through my blogs that I've started referring to my family by the roles they play in William's life.  I wanted to introduce everyone by their new names!

Big Brother Bogey! 

He is such a sweet Big Brother!  He loves William.  He does get jealous,
but he's also very protective of William. 





Uncle Craig
AJ:  (AJ has her hands full with cousin Jorja these days,
but we have to get a picture with William and his AJ and Uncle Chad!)
Aunt Lauren, LaLa

SaraBear, Aunt Sara

Uncle E, Uncle Ethan
Cousin Jorja! She is exactly one month older than William!

Cousin Tanner

Cousin Reid

Cousin Alex: He's drinking out of his favorite water jug
at JuJus's house!
Cousin Izzy and Cousin Leo!

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