Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ross Bridge 2011

Ross Bridge 2011
This past weekend Dustin, William, and I headed to Ross Bridge to meet my family for a little relaxation and fun in the sun.  It was our first family vacation together.  We started out meeting the family at The Tavern in Birmingham.  The food is delicious there!  It was the first time we've had William with us for a dinner at a restaurant.  It went well....except for Will's massive dirty diaper that required a wardrobe change! Yikes!

 William spent most of Saturday napping!  It seemed that every time we put him in the water he would start whining  and then fall asleep.  We did get a few cute pictures of him and Jorja hanging out in the baby pool we turned into a float for them.  They were adorable!

The first time we got him in the pool he fell asleep. 
Sweet Baby

Again, William napping by the pool!

He finally woke up for a little play time with Jorja!

They just sat and starred at each other.  It was too cute!
I was a picture maniac.  I was determined to try and snap pictures of all my adorable nephews playing together.  I can't believe how fast my Tan-Man (Tanner) and Reido (Reid) are growing up.  They were swimming like fish this year.  I couldn't keep up with them!  And Alex...he is hilarious.  I can't wait to see William and Jorja trying to keep up with those 3 in a couple of years.

Love my Nephews!

Watch out world...Here We Come!
Overall, traveling with baby was a success(, although Dustin may disagree since the stroller replaced his golf clubs due to space)!  We had a wonderful weekend with family.  We made alot of heart-warming memories to be cherished for years to come. 

I thought this was a great shot of the hotel and just a portion
of the pool.  It's such a fabulous place only an hour away for a mini vacation!

The Tuckers

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