Monday, April 18, 2011

37 Week Update....Lots to Update!

After seeing my doctor this morning I feel a 100% better just about everything!  I had really been worried and nervous about the blood pressure issues I was having.  I've always had excellent blood pressure and so this was all new to me.  I knew that blood pressure at any point is nothing to play around with, especially in a pregnant woman.  I saw what my sister went through when she experienced preclampsia with her first delivery (Jana with Alex), and I know how scary it can be.  I've been resting all week and weekend and noticed that my blood pressure would elevate up into the 140/90's and then regulate down in to the 130/mid 80's.  I've been laying on my left side often because that always helps. 

Today I found out that I have NO protein in my urine and all my blood work from last week came back clear.  That was really great news!  Those  are both signs of preclampsia so the fact that I'm clear of those things are great.  The doctor believes I have developed gestational hypertension (just high blood pressure with pregnancy).  She also confirmed that with this it is normal to have blood pressure readings that are up and down.  The doctor has asked me to monitor my blood pressure and if it gets higher than the 140's/mid to upper 90's I'm supposed to call to let the doctor know.  The doctor has not put me on "bed rest" per say, but has stressed how important it is for me to rest and do minimal activities.  She said no walks or major housework right now and asked me to limit my errands for this week.  Because of the blood pressure issue, the doctor has scheduled an induction for Thursday, April 28!  However, Dr. Heaton did stress that she can and may cancel this if my cervix is still closed next Monday.  As of today I was still only 75% thinned and no dilation.  She says inducing with closed cervix would increase my chances of a c-section, so depending on my blood pressure and cervix will really determine if we will get to go through with the induction.  If my blood pressure is still rising, we will more than likely go through with it though.  We will find out for sure on Monday at our next appointment! Oh, but if we do have our boy next Thursday (the 28th), William will be born on my Cousin Andy and Best Friend Lacey's Birthday.  Pretty awesome, I thought! 

The other part of the appointment today that really gave me some peace of mind was the non-stress test they gave me and William.  The non-stress test monitor's William's heartbeat, movement, and my contractions (if I'm having any).  It was so awesome to sit back in the recliner in this little room, Dustin by my side, and listen to William's heartbeat for 20 mins.  Dr. Heaton was very pleased with the results!  She said she was even more confident now that we had a healthy to my ears!!! She also told us that the results showed that I did have a contraction while the monitor was on.  She was very pleased with that. We will have this test each appointment now because of the blood pressure issues.   

We go back Monday to see Dr. Heaton for our 38 week appointment.  We will also have another non-stress test on the baby and next week we finally get the ultra sound to see how big our boy is going to be! 

I know that I had told several friends and family members that I was really hoping the doctor would just put me in the hospital and induce me at this appointment today.... I would've been totally fine with that, BUT I'm really happy that we are waiting.  I've just been so worried this past week about my blood pressure and how it's affecting William that my answer to solve the problem was to just have the baby!  I'm assuming that since I'm a first time mom and this is my first pregnancy, all the worry is normal.  The unknowns are so scary to me.  I really feel at peace after today though, and that's really all I needed.  I'm going to enjoy this last week and half I have before becoming a mommy.  I've scheduled a prenatal massage for tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it!  My SIL (sister-in-law) has come into town to help me with any errands, housework or just whatever I may need this week.  My mom and MIL are just phone calls away if I need them, and Dustin has been really wonderful helping out too!

It looks like everything is really falling into place.  I couldn't be more content right now.  =) 

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  1. So happy everything was good! I knew you would feel better after your appointment! Now do what you said you were going to do and rest. Enjoy these last days of being just a married couple, because your about to be welcomed to the best thing in the world, becoming a mommy :)
    Love you more than you know!